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Alison Castillo

Digital Marketing Support for Small Businesses and #Solopreneurs

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SHINE Boutique

Metaphysical Retail Boutique Offering Handmade Goods and Intuitive Guidance

Eleventh House

Web Design with a “Woo Woo” Twist, Serving Soulful Businesses & Personal Brands

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Hi, I’m Alison.

I’m so glad you have found your way here! As an owner and curator for Shine, a small soulful shop, I know what it’s like to keep the balance between business marketing and heart-centered offerings.

I have been creating websites for my own passion projects and family members since the early ’90s. My love for bringing a person’s unique personality to an  online environment has brought me to where I am today. In order to do this I lean on a lot of the training I have received in my ten years of work in the Digital Marketing agency and business world, as well as my own intuition.

I do this because I’m meant to. I am filled with joy each and every time I help someone bring their vision to life online to better serve their purpose.

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